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I asked whether they would handle a mail-in repair, given that I have no easy access to such a desktop. I have to find a desktop, open it up, jam this baby in (possibly in place of the existing drive if there’s only one bay), update the firmware, and put everything back together.

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I'm playing Mediatonic's Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating sim where you — a human girl — attend school and date an array of pigeons, doves and so forth.

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Other times they are private groups where people that already know one another form a group or room to interact with one another but not the public in general.

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"All risks should be weighed carefully before cosigning on any debt or credit accounts."1. The person who cosigns a card will be on the hook for anything that happens, even if they aren't the person running up debt.

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Door continu te innoveren met oog voor het welzijn van mensen dragen wij maximaal bij aan een gezonde, groene wereld.