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The two was evidently shocked upon learning that everyone was listening to them as they talked. The revelation of Max Eigenmann that the father of Ellie is none other than Jake Ejercito has stirred various reactions from netizens. ” and moved on to wanting Andi Eigenmann and Ejercito to apologize to Albie Casino.While Casino opted to stay away from Eigenmann, Ejercito chose to be with her despite not being identified as the father.This decision of Ejercito to standby Eigenmann resulted in straining the relationship between his mother, Laarni Enriquez, and Eigenmann’s mother.Back in 2011, Casino was among the young actors ABS-CBN was building up.At that time, he was already the screen partner of Kathryn Bernardo in the remake of Mara Clara.However, the doubts coming from his family and reaction to the controversy affected his image. Worse, Casino was allegedly even beaten up by celebrity sympathizers of Eigenmann.Then, Casino disappeared from the network, and resurfaced in another when the issue seemed to be dying down.

After all, the pregnancy issue ruined the career of Casino.

One claim is that when Eigenmann and Casino broke up, Ejercito came into the picture and became the boyfriend of Eigenmann. With Ejercito far away, Eigenmann allegedly went back to Casino even though she and Ejercito had no formal breakup. When Casino was pointed at as the father, the actor immediately denied the claim.

Casino was around 18 years old at that time and was being touted as the next big talent of his network.

In one of his interviews, he hinted that he was indeed not the father of Ellie, but he was not in a position to say anything more.

Moreover, he opted to remain quiet so as not to affect the child.

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However, looking at the bright side, other netizens claim that had Casino remained visible, Daniel Padilla would have never been partnered with Kathryn Bernardo, and Kath Niel would have never happened.

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