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From the way he brags about his expensive car to the way he shows off his shiny watch, his arrogance will be all-encompassing, negative and hard to miss.

On the other hand, a confident man will be more down to earth and respectful in nature.

For example, you may mention in passing that you are looking to make a career switch and want to test the job market.

He will not be ashamed to boast that he knows this CEO and that manager and that headhunter and that shareholder, and will promise to hook you up.

If he is arrogant, he will most likely put people down, embarrass them, dismiss them or ridicule their viewpoints.

Arrogance was listed in everyone’s top 5 most hated traits, whereas confidence was listed in everyone’s top 5 favorite characteristics. There is undoubtedly a fine line between arrogance and confidence and thus, a fine line between being loved and hated. They tend to be very boastful about their accomplishments, love tooting their own horn and constantly show off.

On the other hand, confident people attract others to them like moths to a flame.

They are usually loved by many as they tend to uplift others and are happy with other people’s successes.

Arrogant men tend to speak to others in a condescending tone and are not afraid to correct or dismiss others, even if it means sorely embarrassing them.

On the flip side, confident men value other people’s beliefs and opinions and are very likely to value opposing views and ideas as it gives them the chance to learn and grow.

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Whether he is unable to or simply not bothered to, he will probably not follow through with his promise unless it is going to directly benefit him.

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