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An index to and digital images of around 340,000 birth certificates issued years after a birth.

This database contains digitized volumes of more than 60 Quaker publications, including some foreign-language periodicals.

They typically record details of the deceased's relatives; and sometimes describe real and personal property, sentiments, convictions, intended places of burial and more.

Abstracts of English wills that are connected to early American families.

The registers can be searched by a name index of over 28 million names.

This database contains an index of aliens and citizens crossing into the U. from Canada via various ports of entry along the U. It may include name, age, date and place of birth, gender, ethnicity/nationality, names of friends and relatives and more.

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  1. While the church at Rome claimed a special authority over the other churches, the extant documents of that era yield "no clear-cut claims to, or recognition, of papal primacy." Towards the end of the 2nd century, Victor, the Bishop of Rome, attempted to resolve the Quartodeciman controversy.

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