Avoid dating pitfalls

While some of these challenges may easily be resolved, other issues may be too tough to tackle and could even be the means to an end.

Since the future of most marriages depends largely on how couples deal with issues as they arise, it’s helpful to have a heads up on the most common issues that come with marriage territory.

To avoid invasion, know where to draw the line when it comes to pushing for change. Lacking Complete Communication Though the phases “talking” and “communicating” are often used interchangeably, it’s important to understand that the two differ greatly from one another.

Find a happy medium for your relationship to grow and support one another’s ambitions.5.

Emotional Infidelity As unfortunate as it may be, once couples get married it’s not uncommon for them to become emotionally disconnected from one another.

Initially partners may not have the same feelings towards what does and doesn’t count as cheating, but getting on the same page will lessen the chances of them allowing it to happen.

It’s also important that spouses remain supportive of one another’s emotional needs, because when these are met, they won’t have as much interested in looking elsewhere.6.

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