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Frankel was granted a six-month restraining order one day after Hoppy’s arrest, which prohibits her ex-husband from speaking with her or an unnamed third party involved in the incident, who is likely Shields. Hoppy has sent hundreds of escalating texts and emails to Ms.Frankel, her assistants, and her boyfriend, demanding that she meet with Mr.Frankel has appeared on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, The Real Housewives of New York City, Shark Tank and was the subject of the reality television series Bethenny Ever After.In June 2010, Frankel starred in the Bravo reality TV show Bethenny Getting Married? You may think Dennis Shields had gotten his fill of the Skinnygirl and her antics already, but apparently he’s back for a second helping!Multiple sources confirm that the Real Housewives Of New York star has quietly resumed dating Dennis again.

We fully intend to do our talking in the courtroom.”We hope everything turns out well!Hoppy unnecessarily, stating that ‘I’ll never go away’ and that ‘[y]ou left me no choice but to go to extremes’, claiming that her ‘definition of harassment is comical’ and that he will ‘continue to communicate with [her] as [he] see[s] fit’, requesting copies of her life insurance policy, and telling her that ‘I’ll pray for you.’‘These acts of mental and psychological abuse are domestic violence, pure and simple.No woman, celebrity or not, deserves to have their allegations of such abuse taken lightly, and we are grateful to the NYPD for their immediate action to protect Ms.RELATED – Patti Singer Responsible For Matching Bethenny & Jason?Bethenny recently hinted that she was seeing someone again by sharing a photo of a headless man snuggling her dogs.“New Madonna song: ‘Who’s That Guy?

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