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but that is another story.) The second is that it could be argued that there was a public interest in the information revealed by the comments, with the consequence that the commenter could be afforded the status of a “whistleblower”.

This could either wholly or partly undermine any disciplinary case against Mr Corcoran, depending upon whether he revealed any “confidential” information that was not connected to the “wrongdoing” that he was seeking to expose.

Judicial independence, or lack of it, is quite a meaty topic Indeed.

And if US Anon was familiar with Article 32 of the TRIPS Agreement he might even realise that the EPO shenanigans could have repercussions beyond Europe. This was said in response to claims that Judge Corcoran got suspended again. Having said that, there’s strategic legal bullying against Corcoran in Croatia and Germany (probably intended to slow him down and encumber him with legal bills/costs).

So, in this concrete case, I do not see how such a transfer could be done, assuming it is legal in the first place.

What is much more striking is the total lack of remedies for the concerned board member.

I mean, come on, if that was the best “evidence” that they had, then the whole case was pretty thin from the get-go.

If all this is true, then what we see is not less than the slow and thorough demolition of an individual in the public eye, including his own colleagues.

These, however, are sais to be judges, so they are not unaware of issues like independence of the judiciary, presumption of innocence, right to be heard, due process, etc.

Well, the Council did initiate disciplinary proceedings, meaning there are proceedings pending.

Starting new proceedings over the same allegations would be forbidden by most jurisdictions “Non bis de eadem re sit actio”.

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has a history or a track record of nuking entire comment threads about the EPO (in bulk, even 40 comments all at once) and about the UPC (Bristows typically does this censorship, even in other blogs).

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