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But back to the wedding: Are there no pics of the bridal party? That is how the famous late Duchesses of Alba or Medinaceli inherited some of the most important Spanish titles.

Seeing the bride is always the most interesting part of a wedding. The change of the laws just changed from male preference primogeniture to equal primogeniture.

Often from weddings come another weddings, so maintaining this upper echelon in society.

Those weddings are also the best networking events.

Andres ‘ father was Julio Mario Santo Domingo and, as patriarch of the Santo Domingo family tree, he held stake in over 100 companies before his death in 2010.

Andres has a brother, Alejandro Santo Domingo, who runs the family corporation these days.

The Duchess of Cornwall and King Juan Carlos arrived in Granada for rehearsals and a special dinner ahead of Saturday's service.

But back to the wedding: Are there no pics of the bridal party?

Because of this the new Duke of Medinaceli is the son of the late Duchess daughter which was her oldest child.

One should not forget that Spanish titles could always be inherited by daughters, in case they had no brothers.

Andres has extensive connections to other influential people through his family.

His brother is dating publishing heiress Amanda Hearst, while his niece Tatiana Santo Domingo is engaged to Andrea Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

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When Lady Mae will apply for the title Duquesa de Ciudad Rodrigo, Grande de Espaa, it will leave the Wellington family, from "the Iron Duke", with whom it all started.

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